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Miaozhen Systems Announces its Focus on OMI and BIA


China’s leading omni measurement and business intelligence analytics solutions provider Miaozhen Systems, a part of Mininglamp Technology Group, has unveiled its rebranding. The change includes an expanded range of products and services, with a new positioning of omni measurement and business intelligence analytics, as well as an updated visual language.

Miaozhen Systems was established in 2006 by Minghui Wu, serial entrepreneur and Mininglamp Technology Group’s founder, chairman, and CEO. Since its founding, Miaozhen Systems has been committed to helping enterprises accurately measure and optimize their marketing effectiveness. It has also been instrumental in increasing transparency in the China digital marketing industry.

Miaozhen Systems’ rebranding marks an expanded focus on omni measurement and business intelligence instead of its historical focus on ad and marketing measurement. Miaozhen Systems will be able to use omni measurement to analyze every touch point between business and consumer across multiple platforms and media types, and harness Mininglamp Technology Group’s AI capabilities to mine big data for business intelligence. With these technologies, Miaozhen Systems will be able to help enterprises make optimized, customer-centric business decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

After rebranding, Miaozhen Systems will have two major service unites:

Omni-marketing Intelligence(OMI): Miaozhen Systems' service unit focused on omni-measurement and marketing optimization. Uses big data and AI technology to provide businesses with digital measurement, evaluation, and optimization solutions for advertising, marketing, and business. Helps enterprises make decisions based on real & accurate data and empowers high-speed growth.

Business Intelligence & Analytics(BIA): Miaozhen Systems' service unit focusing on business intelligence and analytics. Provides BIA services using big data and AI technology and based on real-time, accurate, comprehensive ad, social, and e-commerce data. Helps enterprises predict trends in the market, optimize business decisions, and achieve commercial value.

Miaozhen Systems’ new brand positioning is also reflected in its new visual identity. The concentric radiating circles and markings suggest its focus on broader measurement and deeper analytics. They also bring to mind a rotating engine, symbolizing continuous empowerment of its clients to create commercial value.