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Jane Zhao

Miaozhen Systems


Ms. Jane Zhao is the President of Miaozhen Systems. She is in charge of the overall operation and management, including strategy planning, business management, business solutions, and R&D innovation.

Joined in July, 2013, Ms. Zhao served as the Business Development VP and CMO successively, and played a critical role in the business development and brand promotion of Miaozhen Systems. During her term in Miaozhen Systems, Ms. Zhao was committed to upholding the independent and impartial third-party role of Miaozhen Systems in the industry and made innovations to optimize the company’s measurement products and services. Based on her profound understanding on both media and advertisers, Miaozhen Systems better bridged advertisers’ needs and media’s competitive resources to build mutual business trust between them. Prior to joining in Miaozhen Systems, Jane was the founder and executive director of CTR Shanghai.

Ms. Zhao has served in global media and digital marketing for over 20 years and her extraordinary expertise in the area has been widely recognized by the peers in industry. With profound insights into traditional media and marketing industry both domestic and overseas, she always devotes herself into exploring novel methogologies and business models to further enhance the competitiveness and uniqueness of Miaozhen. Ms. Zhao was ranked among “Top 20 Promising Business Women 2019” by Forbes China, and was awarded “Leading Figure of Digital Marketing”, a special award by the 10th anniversary of Golden Mouse in 2019.

Ms. Zhao keeps active in serving in the area, contributing her outsanding capabilities enthusiastically to the sustainable development of the media and digital marketing industry. She was elected the Vice Chairman of the Advertising Guidance Committee of Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) China. She also served as an adjunct professor for the master program on Journalism and Communicationn at Fudan University. Moreover, Ms. Zhao and her team has published many critical works in digital marketing such as Whitepaper on Marketing Data Platform, China Digital Marketing Maps (Topology, Roadmap, and Landscape), etc., which are highly appreciated by both industry and academia.

Pei Liu

Miaozhen Systems

Technology Partner

As the Technology Partner of Miaozhen Systems, Pei is at the helm of company’s technical strategy, R&D, and innovation. With a computer science education from the prestigious Peking University, he has extensive experience with big data and AI and is an expert in ad effectiveness evaluation, marketing data analytics, and marketing optimization.

Since joining Miaozhen Systems in 2007, Pei spearheaded R&D of several major products (including AdMonitor and SmartVerify). His work was crucial in achieving widespread usage of China’s first mobile ad measurement SDK. Under his leadership, his product team released China’s first solutions for invalid traffic measurement, digital TV ad measurement, and smart TV ad measurement.

Pei is a interactive ad standards expert for the China Advertising Association and co-chair of the MMA China Ad Standard Committee. He has contributed to the creation of national standards and industry technology standards and developed patented technologies for mobile ad measurement, smart TV ad measurement, and more.

Peking Tan

Dean, Miaozhen Academy of Marketing Science

Vice President, Mininglamp Technology Group

Peking Tan, incumbent dean of Miaozhen Academy of Marketing Science, is fully responsible for the basic theory, application and innovation research of marketing science, promoting the knowledge accumulation, industry promotion and application development of marketing science achievements.

With almost 20 years of experience in market research and more than 15 years of experience in insight and product development, Peking Tan is a practical marketing insight scholar and expert in the marketing industry who conducts research in both biology and psychology, and is proficient in neuroscience, fusion of big and small data, and attribution analysis model.

Before serving as the dean of the Miaozhen Academy of Marketing Science, he was a product partner of Miaozhen Systems, the founder of Xinsight Technology, and the head of the R&D system in China of Millward Brown, the market research arm of WPP, the world's largest communications services group. During that time, he developed the digital advertising measurement standard iGRP and the cross-screen budget allocation system MixReach, and established the “most valuable Chinese brand” evaluation system for BrandZ.

Research in marketing science is what Peking Tan believes in and pursues. As one of the first industry experts to advocate marketing science in China, he is committed to promoting scientization of marketing service. In 2016, he participated in the organization and establishment of Miaozhen Academy of Marketing Science, a marketing science research institute serving China’s marketing ecosystem. He is the author of the Report on Internet Advertising Development in China (2019) and the Report on Internet Marketing Development in China (2020), and translated The Global Brand and the Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World's Greatest Companies.

Peking Tan graduated from Tsinghua University with a bachelor's degree in biological science and technology, and the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences with a master's degree in psychology.